• Osez les rosés (in French only)

    L’histoire nous apprend que le vin rosé est apparu avant les autres, que ce soit en Égypte, en Grèce ou en Italie. D’une part, parce qu’on employait les raisins noirs surtout, et d’autre part, parce qu’on ne pratiquait pas de … Continue reading

  • CARONE; Quebec’s Hidden Gem

    GP TRAVELER MAGAZINE, June 2016, pages 36-39 “Like the children of many Italian immigrants, I grew up making wine at home,” says Anthony Carone. “From 1999 to 2005 our family focused on the vineyard – testing new grape varieties and … Continue reading

  • CARONE wines in Grocery Stores

    CARONE does not intend to sell our wines in grocery stores before the regulations, conditions and directions from the RACJ and the SAQ are published. Yesterday, many of the winemakers publicly announced to media that they intend to go to … Continue reading